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“Krug's is the iconic burger tavern and legendary dive you've been hearing about. It's hard to mention Newark and the Ironbound without talking about Krug's Tavern. In business since 1932, and found on Wilson Ave., a street now predominantly known for its many Brazilian and Portuguese bakeries, cafes, groceries, and restaurants, Krug's still stands out like a delicious sore thumb. There's not much to say about Krug's without sounding redundant. They've timelessly been voted as one of the best burgers in NJ, with good reason.

Called the perfect burger, I assure you it's an experience you won't forget. The burger patty, if you can even call it a patty, is in itself something to behold. It's more of an abnormally huge, hunky, juicy, DELICIOUS glob of meat, scantily held together by its buns.

The reason for Krug's success? Consistency over the years. A perfect burger is only as good as its ingredients, and that means a great local butcher (Ray's Enterprises in Newark). If you haven't been to Krug's yet, shame on you! No search for the best burger in NJ is complete without paying Krug's Tavern a visit.”

Brendan B.


The burgers live up to the hype!  My friends and I frequent this place when we want huuuuuge burgers and a drink on the side lol. Like mentioned, the burgers are HUGE and it comes with a whole pickle and other condiments which is great.

Great place to grab a drink and a burger!”

Simon K.

“I mean... this place is almost legendary!! If you're from the area and never visited, you're missing out! If you're not, I would recommend you stop by. They serve by far one of the best flat top burgers I've had. They're simple and flavorful! This place doesn't need a lengthy review- just go check it out for yourself."

Stephanie G.

“Best Burgers in Newark or Jersey as they claim ... WELL they are dead on!
I really enjoyed their burger. i orderd the KRUG'S BACON CHEESEBURGER which was amazing.
Cooked perfectly. I love going to places like this to get a nice big, fat, juicy burger.

All is needed now is for Guy Fieri to come down and try their famous burgers!!"

Alfredo D.